Bartholomew Reaches America – November 11, 1684

The Booth Moored off Jamestown, Virginia Colonies

On his day in history, exactly three hundred and thirty two years ago, The Booth sat moored off the coast of Jamestown, Virginia Colonies.  It had been a four month voyage, but Captain Peter Pagan finally tracked down the terminus of his passage across the Atlantic ocean.

The ship held a cargo of fifty-two servants, less Captain and crew, all of  which had signed a contract obligating them to years of servitude in exchange for freedom in America.

This is the exact truth in so much as history has recorded, but our novel, Bartholomew Stovall – The English immigrant,  details events that led up to, and then proceeds this moment in time.

On board, is a tall English lad, nineteen years of age.  Bartholomew Stovall was surely overwhelmed by the new life in Colonial American, but when all was said and done he owned 320 on the James River.  He married Ann Burton and raised a family of five boys and one girl.

The generations that followed the lineage of Bartholomew must have inherited his audacious spirit.  Today, twelve or more generations and literally millions of cousins can trace their lineage back to Bartholomew, the only documented surname “Stovall” to immigrate.

American Colonies – November 1684

When the Booth finally reached America it was the beginning of winter and the weather was probably much like that in England this time of year.

The Booth anchored close to the shore so the ship wouldn’t rock about as it had for four months at sea.  All of the passengers had an opportunity to peek out of port windows and survey the edge of the continent.  Most assuredly, the first thing they noticed were trees.  Giant pines were packed close together in a display of greenery they were not accustomed.  Each man, woman and child feared what may be waiting hidden behind the wooden giants.

About bartholomewstovall

Author of Bartholomew Stovall. A novel about the immigrant who came to America in 1684.
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