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Autographed copies Bartholomew Stovall – The English Immigrant are now available to order.  Choose an item from the drop down to select desired type.

28 Responses to Order The Book

  1. Scott, I don’t know how this got lost in my system. Yesterday it appeared to me. When I try this I am getting the Buy Now. If you still have problems then I would be happy to accept a check mailed to the 162 Rutland Dr. – Mt Juliet, TN 37122. Peace Be With You

  2. ljohnst2 says:

    Bartholomew Stovall 1664-1721 was my 6th Paternal GGF.
    I was so happy to find your novel about his life.
    I am currently reading the Kindle edition and decided I needed a hard copy version to pass down with all my genealogical research on the Stovall/Toomey/Hanks/Clark ancestors.

    Your novel is so intriguing and informative.
    Bartholomew really comes alive and I see him as I never did before.
    I love when I can find information that brings my ancestors to life.
    I had to go back into my tree when I saw the name Bolling in your book
    Richard Kennon’s daughter Mary Kennon who married John Bolling and had a daughter Penelope Bolling. She married my 6th Great Uncle Christopher Clark.
    His father Micajah Christopher Clark II is my 6th Maternal Great Grandfather.

    So you see in one book, you have touched on both my Paternal and Maternal ancestors.

    Thank you so very much for all your research and hard work producing this great reference and entertaining literary work.

    Via DNA I was able to prove a definite connection to the Stovalls back to my 3rd GGF Bartholomew W Stovall 1759-1841.
    Thank you again for keeping their memory alive.

    Larry Johnston

  3. Scott Stovall says:

    Bartholomew was my 7th great grandfather and I’d like to buy a copy but I don’t see the Buy It Now tab you mentioned in an earlier response. Can it still be ordered online?

  4. Caroline Burns says:

    I would like to order a book, do you have any available? Thanks!

  5. Donna W Logan says:

    Can’t wait to read it. I descend from Bartholomew and Ann (Burton) Stovall AND from Richard and Elizabeth (Worsham) Kennon!

  6. There are two methods for ordering this hardback edition.
    Option One: Send a preferred form of payment(check, money order, etc) of:

    $30.00 USD Per Book
    $ 3.30 USD Shipping and handling

    $33.50 USD Total


    Bill Stovall
    913 Vantrease Rd.
    Madison, TN 37115

    Please include your mailing and email address. Within twenty four hours after I receive your request, check your email inbox for a tracking number from USPS. Normal delivery time is three to five business days.

    Option Two: Click on the Buy Now tab below and follow the prompts through the Paypal ordering system. You will receive emails for each step in the delivery process.

  7. Kristy Stovall says:

    How much are the books? I’d love to order two as Christmas gifts!

  8. rogjan73 says:

    How can I order this? He’s my g😹10 grandfather . Thanks. Bob

  9. Deborah,
    I do have a few copies of Bartholomew remaining. It will be mid October before I get another batch. Thank you for posting about your family.
    Peace Be With You.

  10. Deborah Crowder says:

    My grandmother was Florence Justine Stovall, her father was Robert Taylor Stovall. I would love to order a book! I am so excited to be working on my family tree. I have learned so much.

  11. Paula K Littlejohn says:

    I am interested in your book on Bartholomew Stovall, my father’s side of the family traces back to Bartholomew. My father was Robert Bruce Stovall, son of James Floyd Stovall who was a son of Hezekiah Otis Stovall, who was a son of Coleman Stovall. My name is Paula Stovall Littlejohn. Thank you!!

  12. Roxanne Marie Turley Stitt says:

    I would like to order Your book. My cousin told me about the book am I am very interested. Stovall is in my ancestry linage. Thank You

  13. rogjan73 says:

    I’d like a copy of your book. I’m a descendent of Bartholomew the Immigrant. Thanks.
    Bob Good

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  15. Patricia Mitchell says:

    I would like to order one of your new books. I am a desendent of Alexander Marrow Stovall.

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  17. Mollie (Stovall) PROCK says:

    My cousin told me she really liked your book and told me to come here to order one.
    Do you have any?

  18. Diane, I do have a few hardback copies remaining. I’ve just moved and will start the search today for the hidden box. Should I contact you at hjimndianne@comcast.net? What city do you live?

  19. Dianne Stovall Mangino says:

    When will the new book be out? It would be a great Christmas gift for my dad. He is a Stovall, his father is Owen Paul Stovall Sr. grandfather is James Alfred Stovall. I am just starting to look into the Stovall genealogy and am looking forward to reading the book. Thank you, Dianne

  20. Dianne Stovall Mangino says:

    When will the new book be out? It would be a great Christmas gift for my dad. He is a Stovall, his father is Owen Paul Stovall, grandfather is James Alfred Stovll.

  21. Yes, I do have a few. I’m in the process of ordering a second publication. Best to do paypal or send me an order directly. Thanks for your interest in Bartholomew.

  22. rogjan73 says:

    Are there any books left? Thanks.
    Bob Goof

  23. Carol, Your best deal is to request a signed copy directly from me. I only have a few hard copies left. When they are gone I’m going to close the book and correct a few errors that I’ve noticed and then re-release our book. That may take two months.

  24. Carol Fair says:

    Thank you for writing this book. I would love to order several copies. It will make great presents for our family.

  25. Celia Ausburn says:

    I am interested in buying a few copies. It will make a great Christmas present. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this.

  26. Michelle Maryousseph says:

    Must read!!

  27. Thank you for the inquiry, John. I expect the book to print in late April or early May. Can you send your contact information to bartholomewstovall@hotmail.com.
    Bill Stovall

  28. John Williams says:

    I’d like to order the book. Thank you.

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