A Time of Gathering. . . and Taking Care of Business

Oct9bookcoverGreetings to all friends, family, and followers of Bartholomew Stovall – The English Immigrant.  It’s been weeks since the last entry and I apologize for my extended leave, but now, I do feel that I should provide an update of the goings on with my family and to share some news and information concerning the release of our novel.

This an incredibly fast-moving period in the lives of us all, but for my family, we are approaching a six-month anniversary of life here in Nashville, Tennessee.  This landmark span focuses on every aspect of life, but mostly centered on domestic transformation, and the completion and release of our novel, Bartholomew Stovall – The English Immigrant.  I am extremely thrilled to advise that there is good news to report concerning these facades of our journey.

We left our large home in Atlanta, Georgia in August, 2016, to relocate and start fresh in the epicenter of my wife’s immediate and extended families.  After Ti and I made the decision to relocate we had few options, so we chose to simplify matters and placed ourselves in a 232 sq ft studio located in the back of our nephew’s home.

Our Humble Abode

Our Humble Abode

We survived trial after trial, until realizing that “temporary residence” did have an unspoken, literal time frame.  Then, after five months. like a miracle, our nephew had the need to vacate his home for a larger dwelling, and offer for us to occupy “the house house up-front”.    It was perfect timing, as it made our “temporary status” much more tolerable.

The adjustment period for our new life plan is developing favorably for our family, to the point that I would conclude, regardless of our sacrifice, we made the correct decision to be near family.


Teacher Of The Year - Ti Stovall

Teacher Of The Year – Ti Stovall

Ti has returned to teaching, recently joining the MNPS District here in Nashville.  I shift my focus daily, to the duty that beckons my needs.

 .  .  .

Their is a boatload of tasks for husband and wife, but the singular effort that didn’t fall off my radar was to reintroduce Bartholomew.


Bartholomew Full Cover

.   .   .

Shortly before leaving Atlanta I decided to shut down our novel and try to make it a better book.  The last tasks I performed before I departed Georgia,  was notifying my publisher and close circulation of the published piece.  I had no copies left to mail and no one could request Bartholomew from retail outlets.

Little did I know that word was spreading about Bartholomew and his early, colonial exploits.  Within two months I had more solicitations than the previous year.  The momentum of our novel had peeked and I had a dead book.

Now, six months later, our novel is ready for print.  I’ll go out on a limb and predict that copies of Bartholomew should be available by April Fool’s, 2017.

Please visit www.bartholomewstovall.com/order-the-book and get your copy of our novel.  I’ll keep this link updated with order details, as they develop.

Thanks to all of you who have kept in touch with the exploits of my family.  Things are certainly looking up from this end.

Peace be with you.


About bartholomewstovall

Author of Bartholomew Stovall. A novel about the immigrant who came to America in 1684.
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