New Developments – Francis Emma – Nov 16, 2016



In an unprecedented development the Stovall nation and everyone who has an interest in the preservation of Francis Emma and the original farm of Bartholomew Stovall The Immigrant, has been asked to contribute money to purchase the twenty-two-hundred-acre historic site.

The newly formed group, Belmead on the James(BoJi), released a statement on November  1, 2016 introducing the public phase of the funding project.  The program named “100 X 4000” is requesting that four thousand volunteers contribute $100 each.

St Francis de Sales and St. Emma

St Francis de Sales and St. Emma

This would provide for the money to purchase the property and buildings.  If the campaign is successful,  Sisters Maureen, Elena, Jean, and Beulah will be asked to remain and care for the property. otherwise, they are scheduled to leave Belmead in January 2017.

Please note that if the goal of 100X4000 is not reached, BoJi will move to alternative plans that influence the preservation of the mission on or near the site.  Please understand that your contribution will not be in vain if our goal is not acheived.  Funding that is not used for operations/purchase would provide for future alternative plans;  However, 100X4000 will remain the number one option.

Please view to read the complete press release.  This web site also gives instructions on how to donate.  In addition please read the prior post on this blog to help understand how this amazingly spiritual place came to be.

Having said all of this, I feel certain that if $100 is out of your means, BoJi will appreciate any sum you feel would be in your budget.  Please stay tuned for the results of this effort.

James River at Belmead

James River at Belmead

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Author of Bartholomew Stovall. A novel about the immigrant who came to America in 1684.
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