FrancisEmma Update

The Wetlands FrancisEmma

The Wetlands FrancisEmma

As you all are aware, FrancisEmma is going to be sold.  It will, most likely be split up and converted into subdivisions with expensive, stately homes.

How unfortunate that shortly after a successful campaign and labor intensive project was completed to secure the primary buildings, that The Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, located in Bensalem, PA made the decision to liquidate the property.

But those left at FrancisEmma in Powhatan, VA are working with their alumni, state legislators, and Belmead supporters in an effort to retain the property.  I just received the information below in an email:

Dear William Stovall,

The Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament in Philadelphia announced that they are going to sell Belmead.  Saturday a group of about 400 people gathered for a prayer and press conference.  Alumni, community members, Riding Club (with about 40 horseback riders!) religious leaders, spoke to the press and the world about this impending loss to the national community of this historic and natural preservation for education and peace. 

This announcement has stunned the FrancisEmma Board of Directors, staff, administration and a nationwide community of supporters.  

There will be a historic walking tour this coming Saturday, May 21st.   


Stay tuned for additional information.  


Richmond Times Dispatch: Michael Williams


Sign the petition. Read responses. Add your reactions.  Click link

I would also encourage each of you to view the following video taken by a drone’s flyover of the historic FrancisEmma property.


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