Before Bartholomew’s Birth

In 1585 George Stovold sat unnoticed on a hillside at the outskirts of Albury, Surry Parish and watched a group of Royal Solders murder a lone cargo hauler, mistakenly taking him for a heretic Bible transporter. During the commotion a lone crate tumbled from his wagon and fell down a ravine, unnoticed by the group. After their departure he moved his horse down the hill and pilfered through the crate, finally removing a large leather bound book before hiding the crate under a pile of rocks.

Later he and his wife recognized the words written in the book to be an outlawed English version of the Holy Bible. For the remainder of their life they studied the text and made personal recording on the pages which would serve as a guide to his lineage for future generations.

By the time it reached Bartholomew’s father’s hands it was filled with words of knowledge, hope, and inspiration. The treasured ‘Stovall Bible’ would eventually become the guide Bartholomew used to direct him to his destiny away from the depressed conditions of England to the new world of young America.

George Stovall and his wife Joan, Bartholomew’s parents, continued the personal recording, and used its message as a justification to move away from the Church of England’s views, to the Quaker ways. The Tyndale Bible serves as one of the central themes in ‘Bartholomew Stovall– The  English Immigrant’.

About bartholomewstovall

Author of Bartholomew Stovall. A novel about the immigrant who came to America in 1684.
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5 Responses to Before Bartholomew’s Birth

  1. i’ll look for it. my grandmother was Betty Carolyn Stovall, born in atlanta,ga. we have 3 genealogy books for our family that we are in.

  2. Amanda, Please go and locate that Bible ASAP. Most genealogists consider a family Bible to be more of what is considered to be the truth about lineage as it was written by hand. Because of varying disconnects (war, fire, flood, pillage) county records are inconclusive. I would like to know the lineage information in your Bible. If it is indeed more than one hundred years old, you have a treasure.

  3. Amanda McDonald says:

    It made me curious because when my grandmother passed away in 2005 i knew i had packed the Bible up for storage. The one i have is very old leather and falling apart. I want to say it goes back a few hundred years but i would have to find it first and see.

  4. Amanda,
    First off, thank you for your post. It’s good to know there are people out there active with the page I have developed for Bartholomew.
    Your question is one I knew would be asked. While Bartholomew Stovall – The English Immigrant is a book based on facts, its genera is historic fiction. The Stovall family Bible is alive in homes all over the world, but the book I speak of in our novel was created by me in an attempt to forge a bond between the young Englishman with the generations prior.
    Before I started writing this novel I did a great deal of study on the old illegal versions of the Bible created in English translations during the sixteenth century. When this novel was born, it seemed like a good fit.
    While you read the novel you will be amazed that the Stovall Bible plays a central theme right up until the last page.
    I’ll be sure to send you information when the book is available for print.

  5. Where is this Bible now?

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