Bartholomew’s Birth and Childhood

On an oppressively hot day in August, 1665 Bartholomew Stovall was born to parents who had prayed for the blessing since their marriage eight years earlier.  Without the aid of a midwife, an anxious father was urged on by his wife until the infant made his way into a world which historians will agree may have been the worse of times.

While still an infant Bartholomew’s father, George, fell victim to the Black Plague making it all but impossible for his mother, Joan, to rise from the ranks of peasantry.  Tragedy followed mother and child until they found some sibilance of stability, providing care for the wife of a dastardly man named Richard Farley.  But as fate would have it, Bartholomew was an orphan before his eleventh birthday.

 With a strong will to survive, close friendships, and a unique ‘gift’ he inherited from his father, Bartholomew followed that path until he realized his options were too limited to risk continuing the life he had come to know. 

By the age of eighteen he made the decision to leave his mother country and find a new life in the American Colonies

About bartholomewstovall

Author of Bartholomew Stovall. A novel about the immigrant who came to America in 1684.
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  1. Ti says:

    Nice site!

  2. Anonymous says:

    How in the world did you trace you’re family’s history back this far?

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