Departure: Exactly 335 Years Later

Bartholomew Departure

Bartholomew Stovall was the only child of George and Joan Stovall, from Albury Surrey Parrish, England. He was fatherless as an infant and orphaned at ten years. It is documented that, at the age of eighteen, he was baptized into the Church of England, and soon after signed an indenture agreement obligating himself to four years of servitude in the America Colonies. He boarded the slave hauling ship, “Booth” on July 7, 1684, captained by Peter Pagan, and set sail for Jamestown, Virginia Colonies.

Bartholomew Stovall served Richard Kennon at his master’s tobacco plantation in Conjurer’s Neck, VA for four years. He completed his obligation in 1688 and eventually settled on a virgin 320-acre plot where Deep Creek empties into the James River in Powhatan County, VA. He married Ann Burton from Cobb’s plantation where the couple raised a family of five sons and one daughter.  

Ironically, Bartholomew Stovall is the only documented surname of “Stovall” to immigrate, meaning that all Stovall’s in America can, most likely, trace their roots back to this lone immigrant. It is easy to suggest that by 2020 the Stovall clan could number into the millions.

Today there are numerous clubs, groups, or social media outlets that cater to the “Stovall” brand. The common theme among these organizations is twofold. #1. Discover and interact with new relatives. #2 Celebrate our ground zero Grandfather, Bartholomew Stovall, who made it possible for his lineage to live in freedom in America.  

Indentured Servants Disembark in Jamestown







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Author of Bartholomew Stovall. A novel about the immigrant who came to America in 1684.
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