Stovall Cemetery – Byrum/Hinds County, Mississippi



Attention to all my Blog Friends, especially those who live in or near Jackson, Mississippi. 

Is there anyone who has information concerning the upkeep of the Stovall Family Cemetery located in Byrum/Hinds County, Mississippi?  This is the burial site for the descendants of Josiah, son of John son of Bartholomew.  Once considered a remote, country town, urban sprawl is encroaching and subdivisions can be view from the property.

Stovall relative, CD(Mike) Mouser recently visited and said the owner of the property willingly gives access to the gravesites, but as urban encroachment increases in this growing area, the owner may sell.

If there is anyone with knowledge of this graveyard, or could advise on this matter, please  comment to this blog post, or send an email to

Thank, Bill Stovall

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Author of Bartholomew Stovall. A novel about the immigrant who came to America in 1684.
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4 Responses to Stovall Cemetery – Byrum/Hinds County, Mississippi

  1. Marcia Walker says:

    Dear Bill, we visited my great grandfather’s and great grandmother’s graves on July 20th. We live in Washington State and I have been researching my father’s ancestry for a number of years. He passed in 1974 and my family has very little history of his side of our family. I traced back to his grandfather, Capt. John W. Walker and his grandmother, Lucetta Jane (Stovall) Walker. Eventually I found record of their graves. I happened to be in Nashville for a conference and decided to drive 3.5 hours to Rives and try to find the Stovall Cemetery. I literally broke into tears when I found their headstone. The cemetery is old but not in really bad shape. Some headstones have fallen over, some are too close to trees, and because of age some are illegible. But it had been mowed and watered so the grass was green. We then went to the library in Union City, TN and found information on Bartholomew Stovall III and your book! You have opened a treasure chest for me. Thank you so much, Marcia Walker

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you , Mr. Norwood for your response. Could you possible send me a brief statement on what is known about Mary Hicks who is buried at Byrum/Hinds? You may respond here or send me a private email at

  3. Earl D. Norwood, Jr. Ruston , La says:

    It has been several years since I visited the cemetery. It was in need of some TLC at the time. Some pine trees had fallen on the fence and debris mostly from trees covered the ground. The surrounding pines are old and will continue to die and be a maintenance issue. Urban sprawl is definitely a potential problem, as would be any widening of old Hwy 51. In my opinion, this would be a perfect site for placement of an historical marker, given the early arrival of Mary Hicks Stovall.
    Her daughter, Sarah, married Elisha Holmes, Sr. Both are my many times removed Great Grand Parents whose children and grandchildren later settled in what is now Montgomery County ,MS near Poplar Creek. Many of there descendent there are buried in Poplar Creek Cemetery and Bethlehem Cemetery. There are several Stovalls buried at Bethlem as well.

  4. Barbara says:

    I am thrilled to find your blog and book! I am a descendent of Bartholomew Stovall and I’m looking forward to learning more about him and other ancestors.

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