Book Release Information

First I want to thank all of my friends for your interest for Bartholomew Stovall – The English Immigrant.  The manuscript is in a final edit and should be printed sometimes in May.  It will be available in hard and soft copy as well as e-book format.

This book is a very detailed account of his life, and begins with an interesting encounter by Bartholomew’s great grandfather, George Stovold in 1585.  I’ve written a fair amount about Bartholomew’s parents, George and Joan Stovall; attempting to paint a picture of life as a young couple who, for years, awaited the blessings of a child.  But until Bartholomew arrives in August of 1665, they struggle with their traditional religious beliefs, finally finding themselves impoverished due to exorbitant taxes and mandated tithes.

But the story of Bartholomew Stovall cannot be told in a short summary.  I spent a great deal of time with accounts from Bartholomew’s youth, detailing the difficult time England’s lower class encountered during the mid to late seventeenth century.  It is set in many locations, each of which is a story within itself.

The chronology begins in Albury, Surrey County, England with a child growing into a young man.  Then it moves to London where Bartholomew awaits the dreaded Passage, all the while encountering lifelong friendships.

The passage is detailed to a point that one rides the waves in a transatlantic voyage to freedom, only to become a slave in the new world as an indentured servant.  Finally this brave, English lad leaves the ranks of slave and moves to free and poor.  But realizing that his dreams are being achieved, he follows his quest until the story turns to one of love rather than sacrifice.

Ultimately, I would like for our blog to become a repository for all of you who wish to share information about Bartholomew, or would seek lineage information if you are a descendent.  All comments will be shared when I’m notified that they are available for viewing.  I check for submissions multiple times a day.

Thanks again for your interest in this publication.  I hope to see your blog entry soon.  Bill Stovall . . .

About bartholomewstovall

Author of Bartholomew Stovall. A novel about the immigrant who came to America in 1684.
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3 Responses to Book Release Information

  1. Hello Sondra. Thank you for your interest in Bartholomew. Please forward me your email contact information and I will follow up requesting your contact information. My email address is
    Bill Stovall

  2. Bill Stovall says:

    Thanks for your interest Sondra. It’s always good to hear my kinfolks. Please send me your email address to and I will surely contact you for mailing information as the book will be printed by mid MAY 2013.

  3. Sondra Avants Faulkner says:

    My name is Sondra Avants Faulkner and my great great grand mother was Elizabeth Stovall who
    was married to Thomas Warren Avants. She was the daughter of Thomas Stovall and his
    father was Drury Strovall and his father is John Stovall Sr. and his father is Bartholomew Stovall. I would like to get your book when it comes out.

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